While there are several available pieces of information on any specific topic—like solar energy—facts are sometimes hampered by misconceptions that a lot of people unfortunately believe. The sole measures we can do to spread and educate people more about home solar panels is to debunk any myths associated with it and just concentrate on the facts. Below are some of the most typical myths in light of solar power: 

Myth # 1: Using solar panel is not eco-friendly 

According to the report of the National Renewable Energy lab, it’s found out that the energy utilized to generate solar panels can be repaid within 1-4 years, based on the amount of solar insulation that can be accessed within your place and the panel type that you use.  

Myth # 2: Solar power isn’t appropriate for mass consumption since solar power is extremely costly 

Over the decades, a massive number of technological innovation and billions of dollars intended for solar energy research are now leading to greatly lessened pricing and reliable production. Moreover, programs that are cost-effective and appropriate to nearly any business or property owner are now accessible thanks to utility company backing and governmental (both state and federal). A home solar panel can offer 26-29 years of environmentally friendly electricity before it will need to replace it and reinstall a new one.  

Myth # 3: You can’t utilize modern amenities with solar power 

Since your house would still be connected to your local solar energy power provider all the time, you can utilize modern amenities in your house whenever you want regardless of how extreme the power it would consume. Though, a lot of modern equipment now is power-friendly enough with much greater standards that are regularly introduced.  

Myth # 4: A back-up generator is needed after solar panel installation.  

Most households with installed solar energy panel plants are linked to the electric grid. This is what causes your house to be powered and allows excess electricity to return to the grid. As a result, this can really witch your electric meter backward.  

Although, even on extremely cloudy days or even at night, you can still depend on the electricity being given by your local electricity provider provided that you set up a grid-tie solar system. Don’t worry since this type of solar system is mostly available anywhere.  

Myth # 5: You can only use solar power on warmer days 

Take note that the temperature does not affect the amount of generated power and on the solar panels as a whole. Actually, solar panels are a bit more efficient at generating energy in cooler temperatures. Solar isolation—the amount of sunlight that solar cells get, is the major factor. Based on this, even the countries and states situated on the northern side will be getting sufficient sunlight so that the solar panels will effectively work.  

Usually, solar panels last for 25-30 yrs. Meaning, that average energy savings above and over fossil-based energy resources are vast. On top of that, the solar panel installer may propose to recycle the parts after the life of a solar panel ends.